My Cart Is Full of Forever 21 Sandals, and It's Only $84

Of all of the "things" one can love most in the fashion world, shoes have always been my thing. I live for cute shoes and am constantly looking for ways to add fresh, on-trend styles to my footwear wardrobe without breaking the bank. Enter Forever 21. We all know the fast-fashion retailer makes budget-friendly pieces, but its shoe game in particular has been mind-bogglingly good lately. What's more, they're not just inexpensive; they're the two things that most inexpensive shoes are not: They look expensive (their appearance in person does not belie their price) and are truly comfortable.

Though I'd been a fan of F21's footwear department since Who What Wear's market editor, Nicole Akhtarzad, turned me onto a pair of amazing mules back in 2015, my interest was reawakened recently when I met up with someone for drinks and noticed the outrageously cute frayed denim crossover slides on her feet. When I exclaimed at their cuteness and asked her where she got them, I was fully expecting to hear that they were $300 Loeffler Randalls or something along those lines. When she said she got them for $20 at Forever 21, I hit the site immediately and found them along with a host of other slides that look easily 10 times their price and are so of the moment. In total, I bought two of the satin slides below (both pink and marigold), the denim cross-over slides, and the three-strap mules—four pairs, for $84; and included a few other gems that I'm eyeing. 

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