You Should Probably Order These Zara Shoes, Kendall Jenner


Splash News 

Don't be surprised if you see Kendall Jenner in a pair of floral pumps in the near future, as she just took to her namesake app to share with the world a shoe trend a shoe trend that she's "loving" at the moment. Jenner reminded her fans of her Balenciaga floral-print sock boots and an adorable pair of pink Prada sandals that she recently wore in Cannes (see below).

As soon as we saw Jenner's declared devotion to floral-print shoes (which she says "you'll be wearing all summer"), we immediately thought of Zara. While most of the brand's inventory is marked down right now, we noticed that some of the only shoes on the site that are currently not marked down are floral print, which we don't think is a coincidence. Zara clearly believes in the trend as strongly as Jenner does, and we're quite sure that she'd approve of Zara's offerings.

Keep scrolling to see Jenner wearing the aforementioned pink Prada shoes, and shop some floral-print shoes from Zara that she'd love!