8 Crazy Things Flight Attendants Aren’t Allowed to Wear


Ellen von Unwerth/Art + Commerce

Flight attendants are known for looking very polished, but we bet the super-strict rules behind their regulated dress code will surprise you. We were blown away by some of the guidelines Cosmopolitan found while investigating the topic. Let’s just say the grooming and uniform standards are very high (pun intended) for some airlines.

 Scroll down for eight of the 31 crazy policies flight attendants must follow.

• "Tattoos on the feet are not permitted, as they cannot be concealed. All shoes must be of the classic court style, which leaves the top and side of the foot exposed. The maximum permitted hosiery density is 15 denier and does not cover up tattoos." — British Airways

• "A tongue piercing is not permitted. You will be required to remove any items from your tongue for training and duty." — British Airways

• "Tattoos are not permitted on wrists. Watches must be of a discreet design with either a small silver or gold metal bracelet, or brown/black leather strap." — British Airways

• "A total of four rings may be worn, with no more than two on each hand." — United Airlines

• "Don't wear accessories that clash with your uniform." — JetBlue

• "Length [of skirt] may not exceed 1 inch above or 1 inch below the crease of the back of the knee." — United Airlines

• "Don't tie your sweater around your waist; it can be worn around your shoulders." — JetBlue

• "Hoop earrings are permitted and may be no larger than 1½ inches in diameter and/or ½ inch wide on the surface." — Hawaiian Airlines

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