The Most Flattering Way to Wear a Bulky Sweater

Take a look at what you're wearing right now—chances are you're wearing some sort of knit. It is December, after all. And come on, if you live somewhere super cold (hey New Yorkers!) or even in a warmer locale that gets cooler in the evenings (what's up, L.A. girls), it's impossible to get through the next few months without a cozy sweater. Certain sweater styles are inherently flattering—like a slim turtleneck (which elongates your frame) paired with trousers and a blazer, for example—whereas chunkier styles can be less so because of the excess fabric. But there is actually a simple way to make baggier silhouettes work—all it takes is one quick styling trick.

The key to ensure your waist is defined with an oversize sweater is to practice the half-tuck rule fashion girls love by simply taking one side of the sweater and tucking it into your trousers. This will break up your silhouette and keep your waistline highlighted—the smallest part of your body. 

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