The #1 Summer Shoe That Makes Your Legs Look Longer 


Collage Vintage

A particular shoe trend has surfaced that, by nature, makes your legs look longer. We're calling this fresh style the "naked shoe," which is essentially any shoe that has clear straps along the top of the foot, making your feet look, well, naked. Since there aren't any thick straps cutting off the natural lines of your legs, these shoes offer nothing but elongation to your look in both photos and real life.

And what better time to show off your legs than summer, right? Hopefully, you've found glimpses of free time to enjoy the sun, get some color (via self-tanner or not), and slip into shorter hemlines, which naked shoes perfectly complement. I can tell you from personal experience that no matter the occasion, this summer shoe trend makes my legs look longer, my overall frame appear taller, and me feel more confident in every photo I take. Ready to try some out for yourself?

Go on to shop the number one shoe style that will make your legs look longer this summer.