The Flattering Summer Dress Everyone Is Endorsing

When you find something that's extremely flattering on a multitude of body types, exploiting it is absolutely necessary. Summer is officially here as of this week, which couldn't be better timing for you to try out this slimming dress. The style we speak of is a variation of the shirtdress that is midi in length and ties at the waist. What about it is so amazing, you ask? Let's break it down from top to bottom.

First is the ability of this shirt to create a "V" shape at the neckline (should you choose), which draws attention away from broad shoulders and slims the waist as it takes your eyes vertically downward as opposed to horizontally.

Second is the sleeve length. This particular dress style comes with sleeve lengths varying from short to long, and no matter which you choose, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable, as sleeves in general conceal any problem areas you may be concerned about. Plus, the tie at the waist draws the eye to the center of your body, rather than your arms. Which brings us to third: said tie at the waist, which cinches you in, creating a natural hourglass on any body type.

Fourth is the A-line skirt, which smooths out larger hip areas, hides any insecurities in your legs, floats away from the body, and, as a plus, is extremely comfortable. Last but not least is the midi length, as it looks great on a majority of heights. If you are on the taller side, pair the dress with flats or sandals, and for those on the shorter side, perhaps some platforms or block-heel sandals.

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