This Was the Best Dressed Couple of the Week

Dressing to coordinate with your significant other might seem like a bit of an obvious move for someone with a unique style like FKA Twigs’. But hey, a small sartorial nod to let people know you’re linked is sweet, no matter how you do it. And on the red carpet for the premiere of The Lost City of Z, the singer and Robert Pattinson opted for outfits that coupled up in a subtle and cool way.

FKA Twigs wore an impeccably tailored Givenchy suit with a slightly flared leg and a sweetheart neckline with oversize pockets and exposed zippers. Pattinson wore a Dior Homme suit that mimicked his date’s structured look but in a much more classic way. Together, the two ensembles had a charming and unexpected vibe. 

Scroll down to see how this week’s best dressed couple wore their hearts on their (suited) sleeves. 

Would you ever coordinate a look with your significant other, or do you prefer to style solo? Let us know in the comments below.