The Very First Women's Sneakers Debuted When?!

It's hard to imagine a world without sneakers, especially since we're all about the athletic shoe trend these days. A crisp pair of white sneakers goes with practically anything, from a gym outfit to a fringed skirt—but did you know women's sneakers weren't even produced until the '80s?

That's right: According to The Cut, it was a 1980 Metropolitan Transportation Authority protest in New York City that inadvertently started the trend of women wearing sneakers with their power suits. Classic athletic brand Reebok saw this as an opportunity and designed the first sneakers specifically for women in 1982. That's only 34 years ago that the world saw the introduction of the now-retro Reebok Freestyle kicks. Who would have thought? The best part is that the popular style became such a phenomenon that modern women (and guys) can still purchase the history-making sneakers.

Check out the Reebok Freestyle OG below, and keep scrolling to shop other styles from the brand.

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