This Was the First Thing Ever Sold on the Internet

The rest is history: Nowadays, we take shopping online—and even on our phones—for granted. But buying items wasn't always just a couple of clicks away. According to Fast Company, the first online purchase was a Sting CD, which was sold on August 11, 1994, through a New Hampshire–based website called NetMarket. However, Fast Company notes that there is controversy over which transaction was really the first one—for instance, the Internet Shopping Network claims to have sold computer equipment a month prior. If you're interested, the site also has a fascinating history about the birth of modern e-commerce as we know it. [Fast Company]

New line: The founders of fashion PR firm Michele Marie have ventured into designing with their just-launched line of dresses, called Shifts. Ringing in at $150, each versatile dress is made of wrinkle-free fabric and comes with a detachable belt that can be worn as a bow around the neck or waist. Shop the dresses here. [Shifts]  

Major sample sale: A handful of our favorite brands—that would be The Great, Freda Salvador, Janessa Leone, EF Collection, and Eberjay—are holding a joint sample sale this Thursday and Friday at Lightbox Studio in Los Angeles. See you there! [Instagram]

New 'do: Jenna Dewan Tatum got a fresh chop from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin this weekend. She posted the adorable shorter look on her Instagram. [Byrdie

Good news for millennials: A new study shows that on average, millennials are happier and more "satisfied with their lives" than adults. The reason may be that the average adult has gotten a dose of reality and "has realized their dreams might not be fulfilled." [MyDomaine]