Obama, Reagan, Kennedy, and More First Ladies With Epic Style

While being the First Lady of the United States is certainly a role that might allow a woman greater access to fashion, having an advanced sense of style is far from a requirement for the position. Throughout history, FLOTUSs have had a hand in influencing policy, uniting the country, and leaving legacies that are independent of their husbands’. And yes, they’ve done it in memorable outfits, too.

Tracking first lady looks all the way back to the OG, Martha Washington, we’re paying homage to just a few of the women who spent (at the least) four years making history—fashion or otherwise—in the White House. While they each reflect au courant trends of their time, they also brought a personalized, memorable twist to their wardrobes. The mark of a true fashion fan.

Below, take a look at some of the first ladies with the most amazing style throughout history. 

Not every first lady's ensemble is what it seems. Take a look at the symbolism in the outfit choices of past FLOTUSs.