This Site Will Make You Think the Clueless Closet Was So Last Century



For such a long time, the closet from Clueless—you know the one: rotating racks of endless outfit options and a computer system that helped you plan them—was the pinnacle of fashion organization. It made everyone who loved clothing jealous back in the ’90s, and somehow that feeling hasn’t waned. In fact, we still often reference it as the dream dressing scenario. But this week, a site has launched that might just help you out-organize Cher Horowitz, and come to realize that her system was, well, so three decades ago.

Available now, Finery is the brainchild of best friends Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey. And unlike similar apps in the past, the beauty is in how much work it does behind the scenes. “There are all sorts of management systems for your finances, like Mint, or there’s TripIt for your itinerary, so why can’t it be available for your wardrobe?” Casey explained when we met a few months back. “A management system for your wardrobe, where you do nothing, and it happens in the background.” Enter: Finery.

Essentially, Finery is equipped to upload every purchase you make automatically into your own virtual closet, and it can account for ten years back of purchases, as long as you have been emailed a receipt—yet another reason to go paperless, no?

Rare gems, like vintage finds or family heirlooms, can be uploaded either via photo or by a little clever Google searching, which allows you to add items to your account with a click. Ultimately, you’ll upload your entire wardrobe to the site without spending countless hours documenting every statement sock and white tee.




But getting your clothes on the site is where the fun begins. Finery allows its user to piece together their own wardrobe for actual outfit planning, just like Horowitz did. but with much better graphics. “Most people who make outfits online, it’s mostly items that they don’t own, wish list items that they want to purchase,” Decker adds.

Finery offers a wish list option, too, but its users will now be able to visualize that new pair of Gucci loafers or that Reformation dress right alongside the pieces they already own, leading to a more informed and perhaps less impulsive splurge. “What we hope is when people are shopping, they’re shopping strategically,” Decker says.

Allowing women to save money might be a huge victory for the two entrepreneurs and their just-launched site, but as we spoke to them, we learned that their ruler for success is even more ambitious. “Women will spend $200,000 on clothes over their lifetime, which is more than they spend on their education,” Decker told us, to which Casey added that, statistically, women also spend eight years shopping and two years getting dressed with her lifetime. “We want to give you ten years back one shoe, one sweater, one anything at a time,” Casey says. And hey, who couldn’t use a little extra time, money, and a little less buyer’s remorse?

Check our Finery for yourself to see if the site can help you change the way you shop and dress—be if for statement sneakers or work essentials—forever.

Opening Image: Urban Outfitters