The Fine Jewelry Trends People Are Actually Buying

You've probably heard us rave about Anna Sheffield's array of stunning, unique engagement rings on a number of occasions, but today we're talking about her equally stunning fine jewelry collection.

As I've gotten older, investing in fine jewelry pieces that I'll have forever has become increasingly important to me, as opposed to only hoarding costume jewelry that may tarnish or break after a few wears. Sheffield is the designer that I repeatedly look to when seeking out the freshest fine jewelry trends, as she's constantly combining gemstones and metals in unique ways and reimagining the classics (e.g., pearls), turning them into modern yet timeless pieces that cool girls covet.

So you can probably see why Sheffield is who I turned to for the inside scoop on what fine jewelry trends people are actually spending their hard-earned money on as of late. As with any major purchase, educating yourself is key to choosing something that you'll love and wear for years to come, so read Sheffield's insight and shop corresponding pieces below.


Arden Wray for Anna Sheffield

"Important social markers, which show up as trends, are often generated by a sentiment or collective interest, and I find that infinitely interesting, both as a woman and a designer. In the current jewelry market, I see a lot of contrasting interests, which to my mind are empowering and owning of the female aesthetic, as individuals.

"There are some women who love modern, minimal pieces, which we see quite often manifesting in a love for emerald cuts, like in our Bea and Attelage rings as well as pieces with sleek lines, more simple jewelry. Our Attelage harness hoops and cuffs fit this type.

"Simultaneously, we see a strong interest in romantic jewelry styles, like our Celestine pendants and earrings, which are quite decorative and delicate. Also, there has been a growing appreciation for soft color palettes like Morganite in rose gold, or lavender moon quartz in yellow gold, both of which speak to a dreamy, delicate aesthetic. And of course, there are those who like to mix the two (myself included)!"

Shop Modern, Minimal Pieces:

This is one of those versatile rings that you can wear every single day for years to come. 

The Art Deco vibes and pretty color make for a very compliment-worthy ring.

It doesn't get more sleek and perfectly minimal than this.

The chunky hoop is all the rage among the fashion crowd as of late. 

The perfect bracelet to combine with the others in your jewelry box.  

This combination of diamond shapes on one necklace feels so fresh.

Shop Romantic Styles:

This unique pairing of turquoise with the delicate setting is breathtaking. 

Love to pile on delicate rings? Consider this pretty option.

It doesn't get more romantic than a rose motif.

Shop Soft Colors:

Lavender is spring's new It color, which is even more reason to treat yourself to this.

Good luck not staring at your finger all day when wearing this ring.

These one-of-a-kind centuries-old earrings still feel relevant in 2018.

If you're not already enamored with moonstone, this ring should change that.

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