Here's Where New York Designers Actually Find Inspiration in the City

It’s fact: New York City is an endless source of inspiration. There are books, songs, and movies that document it in spades, and fittingly, fashion is just as much a reflection. And with New York Fashion Week just about a week away, we wanted to get a bit more specific about where in the Big Apple designers actually look when they need to get the creative juices flowing.

While New York’s iconic museums and famous landmarks all have their own special magic to inspire, there are a few surprising spots around the city that designers swear by. We’re talking Whole Foods and popular West Village restaurants. And we also found that even the most seasoned designers can’t just pick one place—there’s a bit of inspiration within every nook and cranny of NYC, especially if you know how to welcome it.

Ahead, we chatted with 14 of the most impressive, successful, and talented designers to find out where they head before they get to work on the clothes we'll (inevitably) covet. Click on to get their recommendations.