25 Style Staples to Get You Through Finals Week Hell

For many of our readers out there, finals week is either underway, starting very soon, or at the very least threatening to ruin your pre-holiday festivities. It's the annual rite of passage for many a high school and college student, a time when you survive on nothing but coffee, candy, and Red Bull, cram your brain with as many facts as possible, and generally try not to fall over from exhaustion.

But the stress of finals week does not mean you can't look stylish while you're at it. We came up with five wardrobe staples that will help you get through one of the most high-pressure times of the year without looking like you've gone through the wringer.

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Whether it's to stay warm in the increasingly frigid temperatures across the country, or simply to cover up the fact that you haven't showered in a week, you need a good hat.

Luckily for you, sweatpants are both practical and stylish for finals week. When styled correctly, they will allow you to consume as many sugar-laden foods as necessary without sacrificing the quality of your outfit.

Let's be honest: You're probably not going to be wearing high heels for the duration of finals. (And if you are, then more power to you.) Reach for sneakers, loafers, low-heeled boots, and slip-ons so your brain can focus on more important things than how much your feet hurt.

The concept of wearing "sweats" isn't just restricted to pants, people. Go all out with sweatshirts and sweaters that will keep you looking good and feeling cozy all week long.

There's nothing worse than relying upon un-cute tech accessories to get you through the week. And there's really no need to, because there are a ton of stylish options out there.

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How do YOU get through finals week hell? Tell us your strategies in the comments below!