“I started coming here when I first moved to downtown, and I ended up loving working here so much that I came almost every day for two months.”

The Last Bookstore

“There are few places in this world where you can be surrounded by people, everyone will leave you be, and you feel completely at peace. A bookstore is one of those places for me.”

Scent Bar

“Scent is acutely tied to memory, so discovering new fragrances with my long-distance boyfriend and buying them for each other helped tide us over in our moments apart.”


“My favorite LACMA moment by far was the #EmptyLACMA experience featuring the (then-new) Pierre Huyghe exhibition.”


“This restaurant is my favorite in L.A., hands down. I always come feeling hungry, and I always leave feeling full.”

“As much as every part of town has a plethora of exciting things to offer, nothing beats my own hood in DTLA. Driving around in Los Angeles is wonderful and convenient, but being able to take daily strolls through your neighborhood to hang out or run errands is just as enjoyable as getting to your destination. I’ve put together a city guide for you that highlights my five favorite spots in L.A.”

— Eugénie Grey

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