Here's What Marie Antoinette Would Wear in 2017

What would a night out in 2017 look like for Marie Antoinette? That's what Fendi tries to answer with its new film, Girl's Secret. French actress Sigrid Bouaziz (who also co-stars in the current Kristen Stewart–helmed film Personal Shopper) acts as a modern-day Antoinette. The film begins with Bouaziz getting ready in a luxe villa and flows into an adventurous evening with her friends in Paris, dressed in the brand's latest must-have pieces.

The spring collection, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, was inspired by the French queen, including the ornate rococo shoes and embroidered bags. While the full film debuts on March 22 at, below we have a sneak peek at all the fun. Whether you're a history buff or not, we promise you'll be inspired by the stunning (and decadent) style.

Check out the trailer for Fendi's upcoming film, Girl's Secret, and then shop pieces from the brand's current collection!



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