I Thought I Hated This Trend, but 2017 Changed My Mind


Paley Fairman

Let's just call it like it is: I've always been a tomboy. Or, maybe I'd describe it as 80% tomboy. I lean toward athleisure, jeans, sneakers, and tees. And while I can't lie, I do love to dress up every once in a while (that's where the other 20% comes in), I have to say I've generally avoided dressing in anything too feminine like a pink, ruffly plague.

But, the last few years, as a certain ladylike style has crept back into fashion, I've found myself surprisingly smitten. There was a day when my mom wore kitten heels or cat-eye glasses, and I was quick to tease her, but these days, we dress more alike than differently.

Still, coming around to feminine dressing has been a slow, deliberate process. I love elegant lady-like pieces but don't feel like myself in anything too girly. So, for me, it's been about leaning into the trend on my terms, and learning how to pair something girly with the more relaxed pieces I already love. Below, I'm highlighting a few examples of how I've slowly tried to master the look. Check it out, and then shop the feminine pieces I want to wear.