Your February Horoscope Is Here—Prepare to Be Shook 


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Hi, everyone! The New Year is well underway, and we find ourselves journeying through the sun in Aquarius. Aquarius is the vibe of the innovator, the rebel, and the daydreamer. Moving through this time of the year, we simply have little patience for the status quo or dealing with parts of ourselves that seem outdated or repetitive. Evolving out of the restrictive and responsible energy that is Capricorn, we can build upon our initial 2018 intentions by actually beginning to put our money where our mouth is and do things differently in our lives. Aquarius is also all about imagination, curiosity, and seeing the bigger picture. Some of the greatest humanitarians and artists have been Aquarians or had a lot of Aquarian energy in their natal charts.

Big picture, see how you can impact your immediate surroundings positively. Volunteering or getting involved in a bigger cause is also being called for right now. Kindness and open-mindedness win major points with the universe. Read on to see what the cosmos has to say about your sign this month!