Your February Horoscope Is Here—Prepare to Be Shook 


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Hi, everyone! The New Year is well underway, and we find ourselves journeying through the sun in Aquarius. Aquarius is the vibe of the innovator, the rebel, and the daydreamer. Moving through this time of the year, we simply have little patience for the status quo or dealing with parts of ourselves that seem outdated or repetitive. Evolving out of the restrictive and responsible energy that is Capricorn, we can build upon our initial 2018 intentions by actually beginning to put our money where our mouth is and do things differently in our lives. Aquarius is also all about imagination, curiosity, and seeing the bigger picture. Some of the greatest humanitarians and artists have been Aquarians or had a lot of Aquarian energy in their natal charts.

Big picture, see how you can impact your immediate surroundings positively. Volunteering or getting involved in a bigger cause is also being called for right now. Kindness and open-mindedness win major points with the universe. Read on to see what the cosmos has to say about your sign this month!

Aries, balance is called for this month, especially balancing yourself in your relationships. It’s a good time to consider the other just as much as yourself and not take things personally. What is the bigger picture in your relationships? How can you give just a bit more than you expect to get?

Your vibe this month is to go a bit internal. Meditating, getting plenty of sleep, and journaling are good ways to explore yourself. If you’ve been feeling burnt out or overwhelmed already this year, then slow down and chill out. You will feel rejuvenated and inspired if you can take a bit of time to yourself, I promise.

Long-distance traveling and widening your perspective are up for you this month, Gemini. Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn, a place you’ve been wanting to go, or a teacher training you’ve been waiting to traverse? Any and all of these things are great ways to capitalize on the energy available to you this month. Get inspired and see things in a new way.

Cancer, this month you feel inspired to climb to the top and come out of your proverbial shell. Work goals are at the forefront of your mind, and I suggest writing down your goals in a list to make sure you are knocking down your initiatives with ease. You will definitely be noticed for the work you cultivate this month and beyond.

Get daydreaming and visualizing this month on how you’d like your 2018 to unfold. Revisit your initial intentions for the year or, if you didn’t get to write down “resolutions,” simply write down something you’d love to experience this year. I always like to suggest a friend inventory for this transit. Who are the people around you, and do they inspire you to be your best self?

Virgo, this a month of slowing down and balancing out. You are often a very busy sign, constantly creating and thinking about your next move. February asks you to meditate, do some yoga, and get a lot of sleep. Dream journaling or getting some sort of spiritual reading can also be great if you feel you haven’t been listening to yourself lately. Feelings of burnout are a sure sign of this. You’ll feel incredible with a bit more rest and attention to your internal weather.

February is a new-beginnings month for you and one in which you are being asked to step up and be a leader. What area of your life could use some initiative or innovation? Where can you thrive and become more proactive? I often like to suggest some sort of closet overhaul or update to your look that makes you feel bossy enough to take on the world.

Money is on your mind this month. Are you making what you want, spending too much, or budgeting just right? What is your money story right now? Do you have financial goals for 2018? Asking for a raise or upping your client prices can also be up for introspection or evolution this month. Not sure where you stand? Hire a money coach or talk to a financial adviser. You are one of the most brilliant thinking minds of the zodiac, so any extra attention to this part of your life will be incredibly powerful.

Sagittarius, adventure, socializing, and putting yourself out there are all great ways to spend your February. You may find yourself extremely inspired to hang with friends more than usual this month. Socializing or being out on the town could warrant an amazing new connection, be it a business opportunity or a romantic connection. And go somewhere new, not your usual haunt.

Capricorn, nesting and resting are your ultimate vibe this month. Updating your bedding, doing some home decorating, or simply spending more time at home is up for you in February. Extra sleep and self-care are also an amazing idea if you’ve been feeling like 2018 has already been a lot. Time at the spa, getting a massage, and sleeping in on the weekends are all excellent ideas. 

Happiest birthday, Aquarius! This is your month to celebrate, get romantic, and be creative. Anything you can do this month that feels lighthearted and joyful is perfect. A solar return (as we call it in astrology) can also be a lot about taking inventory of what you learned over the last year. How did you grow and how would you like to see your life unfold in the year ahead? Take this month just for you and totally immerse yourself in good vibes only.

Pisces, balance and moderation are keywords for you this month, and taking care of your health and well-being are important. Taking space for yourself each morning to meditate and eat a great breakfast is a good way to begin the day. Anything you can do to stay grounded and in good health will make you incredibly proactive and impactful in your life, this month and beyond. 

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