Why Do We Really Care About Fashion? Our Editors Sound Off

No matter what you think about fashion, one thing's for sure: It has a pull. Even if you don't count yourself a fan of the industry, you can't deny the attraction and glamour of the image it presents to the world. But what is it about fashion that gets people so impassioned, so excited, and so intrigued?

We set out to find out. Keep scrolling to hear our editors' thoughts on why people really care about fashion!

"I find it inspiring to be part of a community of people who constantly want to reinvent and push their aesthetic expression to new levels. While the aesthetics of art and home décor are also intriguing to me, I find that fashion—what you put on your body to represent yourself to the world—is an intensely personal way to exert creativity."

"Simply put, I care about fashion because it makes me feel good. On a daily basis, I get to indulge my interests and passions because (depending on who you talk to) it’s an art form. Travel, politics, painting, music, literature—everything impacts fashion, and therefore I can incorporate all of these things into my work and it makes sense."

"Personally, I love working in fashion because I love clothes—everything about them. I've loved putting together outfits and solving that sartorial puzzle my entire life. So when I realised in high school that you could actually make a living doing that, I asked where to sign up immediately. I love setting trends and seeing what's to come. As fashion people, we're forward-thinkers—and I think that's what's so appealing about the business: You're always thinking about what's next. It's fun to be a part of this environment of creative thinkers and leaders who help tell the entire world how to dress when they get up in the morning."

"Honestly, I didn't care about fashion for a very long time—you can consult any one of my old yearbook photos to confirm this. It was only after I started working in media (and, ok, watching Project Runway) that I began realising the incredible depth to it: the design, the showmanship, and of course the celebrities who wear it; but also the identities we're able to build around it. Personally, I know that coming out of the closet was easier when I learned to embrace the fashions I felt comfortable in, and that's all tastemakers are doing: piecing together statements about themselves that fans can relate or aspire to. And sure, being told by a stranger that your shoes are cute doesn't hurt."

"Although it's always risky to generalize, I'm a big believer that many of those who turn toward fashion at a young age and stick with it into their adult lives (like me) were initially drawn to it as outsiders seeking some form of escape. Escape from the occasional tedium of reality, escape from the often discriminatory rules of society, and even escape from our own expectations. When you don't find your present view that stimulating, you rely on your imagination, and as a kid who did that often, fashion felt like a ready-made playground for dreaming things up. It was easy to think of it as my own secret world, and there was something very satisfying about that idea. So clothes became the tools I used—and continue to use—to figure out exactly who I am and who I am not. Plus, I like to be around people who everyone in high school found uncool (a big portion of the fashion world). They're usually a lot more interesting."

"People who choose a career in fashion and stick with it are drawn to the history of fashion and the impact it has on society. We thrive on the effect one's wardrobe can have on one's demeanour, confidence, and comfort. We get a thrill out of the fact that fashion is constantly changing, evolving, and even repeating itself in fresh new ways. There's never a dull moment in fashion. There's always a new trend, a new designer, a new spin on a basic, and that's pretty exciting. While the fashion industry can feel like a very small world at times, fashion as a whole is universal, and it influences and is influenced by all ages, genders, and races. Everyone has to wear clothes. "

"I've been pondering my love for fashion for a long time now. I have fond memories from childhood, of sitting at my desk and sketching outfits—which was very odd for me, as I'm not a visually artistic person in the least. I never had any interest in drawing or painting, the one exception being when I imagined clothes on models. Then as I got older, fashion kept pulling me back—first as a columnist for my college newspaper, then as a freelance writer, and finally as an editor.

"I think it's the universality of fashion that really gets me—as Kanye West once so eloquently put it, everyone has to wear clothes. And yet everyone does it in a completely distinct way; just like no two people are the same, no two outfits are the same. I find humanity endlessly fascinating, and I think my interest in fashion is just an extension of that obsession."

"One of my favourite parts about working in this industry are the shoots. The creative process behind fashion editorials is fascinating—it’s like storytelling with some of the world’s most captivating designs. The excitement of seeing a concept that I helped work on come to life keeps me hungry for more."

"My love for fashion was inherited from my mother, which is something I think many women can relate to. My mum was quite the talented seamstress, so I have early memories of us looking through Betsey Johnson pattern catalogues and the shopping addiction was a natural consequence from there. But I think the reason why I, like so many others, stay intrigued by fashion is because it's an art form that's constantly evolving. Fashion is self-expression in its purest form and reflects not only the current times but also how you're feeling at one particular moment. It's hard to lose interest in something that's constantly inspiring you."

"There's nothing better than finding an outfit that makes you feel really confident. I get the most satisfaction out of my job when I help a friend or family member express themselves by finding clothes they are confident in."

"For me, my love of fashion came at a very young age, when I was an elementary-school kid picking out my own clothes and (somehow) doing a pretty good job of it. I think that natural interest and sensibility are what started it, and as I grew older, my passion just got stronger. Today, I love fashion because personal style is something I have complete control over. My favourite thing about it is still dressing myself every day."

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