No One's Wearing These 11 Trends Anymore

At times this year, it seemed like the world was more interested in what not to wear than what to wear. For instance, we covered the shoe trends to toss aside every season, the type of leggings no one is wearing anymore, and the denim that’s been eclipsed by more forward styles. For the purpose of highlighting the “over” trends that have made way for the most important trends of 2016, we went through our coverage of all the ones people stopped wearing in favor of new, fresher trends.

If you’re wondering what people will still be wearing in 2017, rest assured the trends everyone favored instead of the stale ones are still as cool as can be and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But as soon as they’re no longer a thing, we’ll undoubtedly be the first to tell you.

Keep scrolling to review the trends that people stopped wearing in 2016, and watch this space in 2017 as we’ll naturally continue to stay abreast of the trends that fashion girls are no longer wearing.

Stopped Wearing: Wedge Sneakers

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Wear Instead: Classic Sneakers

These were the new It sneakers of 2016.


Stopped Wearing: Designer Pun Tees

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Wear Instead: Subtle Graphic Tees

Everyone wore graphic tees with a small saying or image in the upper corner this year. 

Stopped Wearing: Graphic Print Leggings

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Wear Instead: Sleek Solid-Colored Leggings 

We love Aritzia's high-quality, wallet-friendly selection of leggings. 

Stopped Wearing: Spiky Stilettos 

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Wear Instead: Block Heels



These neutral heels will get so much use.

Stopped Wearing: Peplum Tops

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Wear Instead: Bell-Sleeve Tops

Every fashion girl wants this flattering top.

Stopped Wearing: Boyfriend Jeans

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Wear Instead: Cropped Flare Jeans

We're obsessed with these comfortable, slimming jeans. 

Stopped Wearing: Sheer Maxi Skirts

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Wear Instead: Pleated Midi Skirts 

Wear this fancy skirt with a cropped or tucked-in sweater. 

Stopped Wearing: "Sexy" Outfits

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Wear Instead: Oversize Pieces

Every fashion girl stocked up on hoodies and other oversize Vetements-inspired pieces this year. 

Stopped Wearing: Flip-Flops

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Wear Instead: Slide Sandals

Wear these year-round with the help of a pair of silver lurex socks. 

Stopped Wearing: Drop-Crotch Pants

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Wear Instead: Track Pants

Old-school athleisure reigned supreme in 2016. 

Stopped Wearing: Body-Con Dresses

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Wear Instead: Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

What trends did you stop wearing in 2016? Tell us in the comments below!