What My Mom and Stepmom Taught Me About Fashion

When you hear that someone’s a child of divorce, your first thought isn’t usually #blessed. However, after my parents got divorced at age three, and my dad remarried an amazing woman who I love like a third parent, I realized that there can be some unexpected perks to the whole shebang.

One of the more superficial—but equally rewarding—results? Extra fashion advice! Although neither my mom nor my stepmom would consider themselves Louboutin-loving fashionistas, they’re both stylish in a pared-back and accessible way. They share certain strengths—the privileging of comfort, for one—while also harboring others that are totally foreign to the other person. Lucky for me, I grew up absorbing the best of both worlds!

Because their style advice is so universal, and had such a profound effect on my own clothing choices growing up, I thought I would gift you with this guide to their best tips.

Scroll down to read their best fashion advice, and shop all of the relevant products, too!