6 Fashion Mistakes I Made at 20 That I'd Never Make Now

Recently, I logged onto my Facebook account and was served up with a photo of me at 20. I'm wearing a bandage dress, stilettos, a statement necklace… Let's just say it's an ensemble you wouldn't find in my closet today. And while my instant reaction was to cringe at my former sense of style (if we can even call it that), as a fashion editor, it also offered a moment of reflection.

I've come a long way since my college days, through internships, a cross-country move, and more. Accordingly, the way I shop, dress, and even think about clothing has changed. From learning my lessons after a few too many blisters to reining in my love for sale shopping, let's just say I've come a long way. Below, I'm highlighting six fashion mistakes I made back at 20 that I can gladly say I steer clear of now—just note that these things that were simply mistakes to me, but could work for others.

See them below, and then shop pieces that you'll never consider a mistake.