Salaries Exposed: What Every Fashion Job Actually Pays

If your dream is to work in the fashion industry, it's best to not only understand the types of positions available based on your interests (editorial, marketing, social, design, and so on) but also the average salaries of said gigs. Educating yourself on how much various jobs pay can help you in the negotiation process if you are in talks about landing that desired position and, more importantly, ensure you are being fairly compensated. 

While we've highlighted the salaries of various fashion jobs in the past, our friends at Fashionista revealed their third annual salary survey, polling 4500 readers across all job fields to anonymously share details on their compensation.

Interested in seeing where your job (or dream job) falls on the list? Keep scrolling to check out a few salaries of major fashion jobs, and head over to Fashionista to read the full list. Plus, shop stylish finds perfect for any fashion job, too.

What's your dream fashion job? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde