The Top 3 Fashion Items You Need to Throw Away

PopSugar recently came out with a list of things you should get rid of in order to de-clutter effectively, and naturally we were interested in the fashion-related suggestions. The article advises that dedicating one day a month to throwing things out will help the de-cluttering process, suggesting that the purge will de-stress you and make your living environment more pleasant. Among the 11 items on the list, here are the top three fashion items the article suggests you get rid of:

1. Fashion magazines
2. Broken costume jewelry
3. Anything you haven't worn in two years

While we totally agree with throwing out anything broken, it's also a great idea to donate unworn or gently used clothing before throwing it in the garbage pile. And when it comes to old fashion magazines, tear out the pages that inspire you to keep, and recycle or donate the rest.

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