The Life-Changing Fashion Items Every Woman Should Try

"Life changing" is a phrase that due to overuse has lost a bit of meaning. But, when we say now that these six products will change your life, we're being 100% percent serious. How did we find such a formidable list? Let's just say we did a little research and we've got the reviews to back up every single one. From truly wearable tech, to the best underwear you'll ever know, these are the products that have gained cult followings and have caused a stir in their industries. 

Don't get us wrong, wardrobe staples like the perfect pair of jeans, or a fits-just-right top are still absolutely crucial, but practically speaking, it's these genius items that will make every day a little smoother, and all around more awesome. So what made the cut? Read on to see why these essentials have had industry insiders buzzing. 

Read on to check out these life-changing products!

We're going to let you in on a little secret: this underwear is going to change your life. They're the secret weapon behind many a red carpet celebrity look, and they're not just discreet, they're seriously comfortable. Give them a try, and things will never be the same, we promise.

The Review: "Commando makes a dozen different cuts of their dreamy panties in at least seven different colors and prints. They wear like a freaking fantasy—the edges are 100% invisible." – Alison Freer, XO Jane

With the influx of wearable tech, there are plenty of pieces out there that claim to offer a solution to life's problems, but fall short. That's not the case with this chic and practical coat. Armed with both heating technology and a phone charger, this high-tech coat will change your life for the better.

The Review: "[The designs] come cut to the highest quality using luxury Italian label Loro Piana's water and wind-repellent cotton and cashmere-blends, with the technology discreetly concealed in the lining to provide heat on the shoulders, the lower back, and the front lapels." – British Vogue

If you leave the house afraid when you're dressed in white jeans, there's finally a solution to the scary fact that every time you sit down, you're at risk of staining your pristine pants. Joe's Jeans' Spotless jeans actually stay, well spotless. Get ready to breathe easy.

The Review: "My first test was morning coffee, spilled completely on-purpose by tipping my mug a little too far to the side. The liquid rolled off the fabric in little balls, almost as if it was a magic trick, and I was so impressed I tried it again. Same result, no leftover color." – Leah Melby Clinton,

We've experienced the excruciating pain of blisters one too many times, whether it's from breaking in new shoes, or a full night on the town. Luckily, a genius solution has arrived: an easy spray that keeps your feet comfortable.

The Review: "[The spray] was amazing. I applied the spray at the beginning of the night and didn’t get a single blister. I felt it wearing off after a couple of hours, so I re-applied midway through the night. The next morning, there wasn’t a blister in sight." – Lindsay, The Huffington Post

Wearing a strapless bra may count as a form of torture when you spend all day trying to keep it from slipping. But, armed with a bra that actually stays put, dancing, walking, and even sitting around will suddenly be hassle-free.

The Review: "The tight fit meant the bra stayed up without any sliding or slipping." – Leah,

Bombas may look like your standard socks, but they've been engineered to combat everything that's ever bothered you about what you wear on your feet. They protect from blisters, support your midfoot, and are seamless—yes, they're pure perfection.

Review: "If you're devoting any mental effort at all to sock-buying, you should've already bought multi-colored Bombas yesterday." – Chris Weller, Tech Insider

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Opening Image: Shot by Gio

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