The Fashion Items that Need To Be Invented, According to Our Editors

Given how much technology has advanced in just the last 20 years, you’d think we’d have a greater pool of fashion adaptations on offer. Unfortunately, though, the industry seems to be taking things quite slow in that department, tip toeing into tech territory with items like the Apple Watch. The smartphone-cum-watch is nice, yes, but is it something we need? Not exactly.

If only Apple (or some other tech giant) could put their genius behind the rest of our closets, too. What should they tackle first? Well, we editors have a few ideas! Scroll down to find out exactly which fashion inventions our lives could use most, and shop the best alternatives.

"A drone purse with smart geo awareness so that you can take it—no matter how heavy—to the club, or wherever, but then not need to hold it or find a place to put it all night. It would just temporarily fly off to a safe place where nothing can get stolen so that it's not a burden, but then if you need it you just whistle and it comes right back. Also: skirts with built-in, non-bulky heating pads along the waistline to soothe cramps." 

—Alina Gonzalez, Editor, Byrdie

"Without a doubt, I would love a pair of jeans with adjustable hems. That way you could wear them cute and cropped one day, and then floor-grazing with a pair of heels the next (or even later that day!)."

—Devon Hopp, Editor, Byrdie

"Soft t-shirts that don't wrinkle! Or a t-shirt where, the second you unfold it and give it a good shake, the wrinkles magically fade away."

—Michelle Scanga, Associate Editor, Who What Wear

"I'd like a weightless handbag! That way you could carry everything you need from day to night without lugging around a big, heavy bag."

—Carson Olivares, Executive Assistant, Clique Media

"I would love a stylish pair of slinky shoes that have an adjustable heel. Going out? The highest height possible, thanks. For the office? Medium will do. At the end of the night? Completely flat, please!"

—Faith Xue, Managing Editor, Byrdie

Editor's note: mission accomplished?

"I wish a sweater existed that didn't pill. I've tried everything from fancy cashmere sweaters to cheap blends, and they all develop those unsightly lint balls after several wears. I continue to buy sweaters, but their short lifespan is one of my biggest fashion banes!"

—Kat Collings, Editorial Director, Who What Wear

"I wish someone would invent a fabric as beautiful as silk, as easy to care for as cotton, and as versatile as denim. I want all of my clothes to feel like the most luxurious silk dress ever crafted—but I don't want to hesitate to wear it out of the house for fear of wrinkles and spills. Someone, hear my cry!"

—Meghan Blalock, Managing Editor, Who What Wear

"I wish they made jeans that changed shape according to our weight fluctuations, that way we wouldn't have to waste money or space on various different pairs!"

—Jessica Schiffer, Fashion Features Editor, Who What Wear

"I wish there was a light machine that could change the colour of your clothes. That way, the black blazer I have on heavy rotation during the winter could become my fresh white blazer for the start of springwithout me having to spend a penny!"

—Nicole Kliest, Style Director, Who What Wear

Zara White Denim Bootcut Jeans ($60)

What fashion items would YOU like to see invented in the future? Let us know in the comments!