Everyone Should Have These Fashion Insiders on Their Radar in 2017

As loyal Who What Wear readers, you know you’ll be treated to coverage of your favorite tastemakers and trendsetters (Kendall and Gigi, anyone?) on the regular, but it’s also our job to keep you abreast of the industry’s It girls in the making! Take, for example, a cutting-edge photographer or Nicole Richie’s trusted stylist. Their names may not be familiar to you (yet), but their influence is clear, and they’re shaping our fashion landscape with their fresh perspectives.

Five such influencers—Isabella Peschardt, Yoyo Cao, Jamie Mizrahi, Ji Oh, and Emily Soto—all share one significant trait: an exceedingly strong work ethic with a solid commitment to what they do. Interestingly, a majority of these ladies also started their careers uncertain that the field they were interested in even existed, let alone was within reach. But with time, these women remained dedicated to their passions, thus landing them the successful positions they hold today.

Keep reading to familiarize yourselves with all the fashion influencers who are inspiring us right now.