I'm Only Wearing These 5 Trends for the Next 30 Days

As a fashion editor, my friends are always asking what I'll be buying or wearing next, and while I know it should be easy for me to give an answer (hey, it's my job!), I actually struggle. I'm exposed to so many different trends, images, and shopping sites via my job, that sometimes my own personal style becomes a little bit formulated—always reaching for the same pieces.

To help pull myself out of my winter outfit rut, I'm using our 30-day winter wardrobe challenge (#WWWwinter30) for inspo when I get dressed each day, making my wardrobe feel current, but only wearing these five new-season trends.

Keep scrolling to discover what they are, and why I'm buying into them.

chocolate BROWN

There's no colour that's replacing all the black in my wardrobe as quickly as chocolate brown. I'm buying it up in droves—from tops, to pants and jackets, and even accessories. It's officially my 'new neutral', and I encourage everyone to  jump on board. And yes, you can break one of the biggest 'fashion rules' of all time, and pair black with brown.

Shop this brown silk shirt to add to your wardrobe.


Harper & Harley


This is quickly becoming my favourite way to make an old blazer feel brand new again. The only problem? I now have a belt-buying addiction. Never underestimate the styling powers of a belt. You can try this look a couple of different ways, by either pairing a contrast belt (like Brooke Testoni has in the image below), or opting for a belt in the same colour. Both work, and both add a modern feel to your look.

Shop this pre-knotted black belt.


Brooke Testoni

vintage band tees

I'm definitely on board that band merch train, but for me personally, I'll only wear a band-tee for a band I actually know. Call me old fashioned. So I'm stocking up on AC-DC and Rolling Stones T-shirts, and wearing them with everything. The more unexpected, the better. With silk dresses, gingham trousers, and camo jackets.

Shop this amazing vintage tee collection.


Collage Vintage


The easiest way to make your jeans and tee feel more elevated, is to add patent leather (from clothes, to accessories). I knew the trend was coming, and it's hard to make this fabric work in sunny Sydney without overheating, but with the right pieces, it's more than do-able. I'm wearing the trend on my feet, or with a coat I can drape over my shoulders.

Shop these patent leather mules.


Style Du Monde


It's finally time to retire the open-toe slides and slip into something a little more weather-appropriate. I've been resisting adding a pair of platform boots to my wardrobe—I'm only 28 and I've already seen this trend come and go several times—but that's only convincing me further that I'll keep getting wear out of this trend for years to come.

Shop these sky-high platform boots.


Collage Vintage

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