Science Says: This Type of Look Is the #1 Relationship Deal-Breaker


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Ever since Tina Fey uttered the term on her hit show 30 Rock, "deal-breaker" has become a lingo mainstay when discussing the minefield of relationships and dating. The object of your desires suddenly reveals a nasty habit you just can't put up with? Well, as Tina would put it, that's a deal-breaker ladies.

A recent study reveals the top 17 things men and women both consider to be deal-breakers in a relationship, and the number one deal-breaker surprised us quite a bit. The list includes a lot of inherent qualities that turn people off, like laziness, lack of sense of humor and insecurity; but the quality that took the top spot? A messy, unkempt appearance. 

The study reveals: "The top deal-breaker among men and women is a 'disheveled or unclean appearance,' according to 71% of women and 63% of men." The fact that your appearance means more than your character actually shocked us, but as fashion editors, we have to admit that, on the whole, we kind of agree. After all, a big part of looking put-together and clean is your clothes.

How to always look put-together

For some easy-to-follow advice on how to make sure you always look fresh and clean, we've devised seven tricks for always looking put-together. From focusing on your outer layer to always keeping a chic lipstick on your person, these are tools every woman can employ.

How to look polished all the time

To take it to another level, follow our guide to looking ultra-polished at all times. Looking polished is more about the small details of your outfit: maintaining a crisp manicure, having good posture and keeping your leather handbag scuff-free, for example.

The clothing care products every girl should own

Last but certainly not least, looking fresh and clean means, well, literally being clean—and keeping your clothes in pristine condition. Not all laundry detergents and closet essentials were created equal, so we narrowed down the list to just a few every stylish woman needs in her enclave

What would you consider the number one fashion mistake you can make to repel your desired partner? Share in the comments below!