Which Fashion Companies Have the Coolest Perks? One Editor Investigates

Fashion often gets a bad rap for propigating cutthroat, overwhelming environments, but that’s as much a myth as the one that claims the industry is endlessly glamorous. It’s not all scary and intense—in fact, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the fashion world! And the emergence of startup culture, with its preference for innovation and taking the road less traveled, has only contributed to fashion’s playful side.

Fashion companies today—startups or not—simply must add some fun into the mix if they want to compete. Prospective employees have grown more discerning about their career choices as their options have grown considerably more appealing. To find out which fashion companies were truly taking notes and bringing to life the “work hard, play hard" ethos I dug around and found the below businesses to have the coolest perks around.

Scroll down to find out which companies would be a blast to work for!