A Sydney Fashion Buyer Reveals The Big Trends To Invest In Now

If you haven’t started thinking about your summer wardrobe (and if you live in Sydney it's likely you haven't, where's the warm weather?!), you might want to take a seat. We've reached out to one of Australia's most prominent fashion buyers to help us decipher what trends are worth shopping for the season ahead.

Eva Galambos, founder and buyer of Parlour X was recently on the international fashion month circuit, observing what new trends and designers are about to blow up. 

We spotted some street style trends emerge, bike shortsmicro bags and basically every shade of green, but the buying appointments were a little different.

Below, Eva shares some insight into the season's buying appointments, the common theme throughout the collections, and the trends coming through next.


Parlour X

Pictured: Eva Galambos

What was the mood like at your buying appointments this year? 

The discussions around Celine did overshadow much of the season. The greater industry has taken the new Celine direction personally for many different reasons. For buyers and retailers like myself, the end-of-the-‘Phoebe-era’ and its replacement has really affected and rocked many industry people. There are many polarising opinions… Otherwise, most showroom experiences were upbeat with many exciting collections being presented by the likes of Balenciaga, Valentino and Isabel Marant. I’ve also scouted some new brands, so watch this space!

Did you spot a common theme amongst the collections?

Not necessarily with styling—all brands have their own identities and DNA which they are continuing to cement as identifiable. There was definitely a neon colour theme consistently being offered in many collections—notably fluro yellow, citrus, and pink too. Tailoring is still very important in most designer collections, so continue to expect to see a lot of interesting suiting. ‘Fashion denim’ is also important within many collections, whereby denim is used in less typical ways and not just as a pair of jeans—expect dresses, evening wear and even suiting...


Parlour X

Pictured: Eva Galambos

What trends are you seeing come through?

1. Neon neon neon!

2. Square toe heels

3. Suiting is still important

4. Non-branded bags. The fashion set was wearing a lot of unrecognisable non-luxury bags. It makes sense that non-status brands are paving the way forward as many fashion identities do not want to be so easily defined.

Logos and branding have been such a norm over the past few years that many people are going into the opposite direction and wanting to be less obvious.

5. Leotards/bodysuits being worn out as evening outfits— bare legs everywhere at night!