Why Instagram Is Critical to a Young Brand’s Success

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t discover a new brand on Instagram, usually while browsing through the Photos Based on People You Follow section, a roundup of the latest images your followers have liked. Intriguing images abound, and soon enough, I’ve clicked on one and lost more time than I’d like to admit scrolling through a new account (and then some). Because I'm a fashion editor, it’s no surprise that many of the people I follow are prone to liking photos posted by brands, but interestingly, a handful of friends who work in other industries also attest to discovering their favorite new brands on the app. One even claims to only buy clothes from the selection of young brands that she follows, telling me, “It not only makes my life easier, but I get a much better sense of their values overall, which, for whatever reason, makes me feel better about my spending.”

It’s a fascinating phenomenon—this increase in brand loyalty via social media—and one that has blossomed at warp speed almost solely on Instagram. Of course, this begs an interesting question: If our wardrobes are being transformed by all these new discoveries, what might the app be doing for these young brands themselves? And is all of this snap-based seduction as spontaneous as it seems? I spoke to a host of young brands whose trajectories have been seemingly transformed by Instagram to find out.

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