How One Blogger's Zodiac Sign Influences Her Style Choices

Fashion blogger Mirjam Flatau of Mija’s zodiac sign is Cancer, which explains her self-proclaimed "tenacious" personality that’s hidden beneath a calm and cool exterior. And that applies to her personal style, as well. “My style is clear, bright, and sometimes a bit moody (which is said to be true of Cancer signs), and this what I want to capture in my wardrobe,” Flatau says. For jewelry, Flatau gravitates toward pearls, one of Cancer’s birthstones, so she chose pearl pieces in David Yurman’s Solari Collection to wear her sign in a stylish way. The versatile collection combines delicate spheres made from a variety of stones for dreamy earrings, necklaces, and rings that can suit any sign or style.

Keep scrolling to see how Flatau styled the David Yurman Solari pieces based on her sign.

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