How Much a Fashion Assistant Really Earns

Not everyone in fashion is willing to openly discuss their salary, but that doesn’t mean the numbers have to be a complete mystery. In the past, we’ve reported on lists compiling averages for various jobs, but it’s always interesting to take an in-depth look at one real person’s gig.

Refinery29 profiled a 23-year-old woman who works as an assistant at a boutique creative studio that produces photo shoots. She says she gets paid a day rate, resulting in roughly $35,000 a year, “so anywhere from $150 to $350 a day—$150 would be a film or TV shoot, $350 would be advertising, bigger budget.”

She also spilled that she got the job because of connections: One of her bosses was associated with her college, and the other was a family friend. Head over to Refinery29 to read the rest of her interview and learn more about her job.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde