Is the Accessory You Loved as a 9-Year-Old Officially Cool Now?


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Much like scrunchies, jelly shoes, and bucket hats, fanny packs are one of those quintessential nostalgic trends that fashion likes to declare "in again" every few seasons or so—though whether they stick around is another story altogether.

In the past, I've been hesitant to try them—not so much because I was worried about looking like a dorky dad (though the thought did cross my mind), but because I didn't think I'd want to give up my beloved crossbody bag in favor of carrying my worldly possessions around on my waist. Sure, they were great for toting magic markers around in grade school, but could they be practical enough for an adult (especially one with a habit of keeping seven lip balm options on her person at all times)?

Well, all it took was a trip to Zara and this black pull-tab belt bag (a much chicer name for the style than "fanny pack," I've gotta say) for me to finally want to find out. Since taking it home, I've worn it out vintage shopping and relished the hands-free freedom it granted me; I've worn it to work and appreciated not having to rummage through a giant tote for my Metrocard. On the train, I'm way less concerned with someone sneakily stealing something from my bag (they would have to be very sneaky with it attached to my waist).

In short, I'm a convert. And now I'm mulling an upgrade to one of the many designer options out there right now, from Alexander Wang's rose-printed padlock pouch to Stella McCartney's storage-laden faux-leather belt.

Below, shop 15 fanny packs that'll make you reconsider your go-to summer bag.