The Simple Way to Make Your Outfits 10 Times Better

A few months ago, I filled you in on the power of the light summer jacket. Well, trust me—the fall jacket is just as crucial to your wardrobe. Beyond just warmth (which is clearly the fundamental purpose of a coverall in general), the right topper just has that way of instantly making your outfit, well, an outfit. Seriously. The third piece gives a standard look a higher-concept, more well-styled feel.

Don't believe me? To prove it, I put together a basic outfit below of jeans, a white blouse, and black booties and am showing you just how a statement jacket can instantly elevate the look through GIFs!

Keep scrolling to check out how to make your outfits 10 times better—and go a bit further to shop every jacket, too.

Shop the Outfit: Raey Flood Low-Rise Baggy Jeans ($179); Equipment Signature Washed-Silk Shirt ($220); Mango Premium Leather Booties ($150).

Zara Suede Jacket ($189)

What's your trick to make your outfits even better? Let us know in the comments below!