5 Fresh Trends We'll See Everywhere in 3 Months

Summer is just getting started, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to test-drive some of fall’s biggest trends. For the fashion fans among us, this is the time to experiment with the new silhouettes, colors, and textures that are aimed to be huge this fall. Right now, the fashion shows from a few months back might seem like a distant memory, but there’s one thing that is certain: All those trends that walked down the runways in Paris and Milan are going to start appearing IRL. Why not get a head start?

We’re not saying that you should start wearing coats or heavy layers—on the contrary. Summer is a time to embrace the approaching trends, putting a spin on them with your own personal style. Learn them, get comfortable with them, and own them. That way, you’ll be ready once fall rolls around. After diving into the biggest shows of the season, we narrowed in on five key trends that every fashion girl should know about. From bold red to feminine feathers, get ready to embrace fall fashion.

Go on to see five trends that will be big this fall, and see how you can start wearing them now.