How Everyone Ahead of the Pack Is Wearing Fall Trends Now

If I'm being honest, one of the reasons I most look forward to fashion month each season is to witness all the great street style moments. Yes, I also eagerly await the runway shows to see everything new designers are dreaming up—and I take it all in, whether I'm sitting at a show, tuning in on Instagram, or flipping through slide after slide on But there's something about seeing outfits styled outside of the runway shows that makes them feel primed for my personal wardrobe.

In these street style moments, fashion girls are snapped wearing the season's biggest runway trends but reinterpreted and mixed in as part of their everyday wardrobes. This also gives me inspiration for how to wear them myself in my everyday life, as opposed to the way they were worn on some runway in Paris or in the pages of a magazine.

This year, though, I'm not waiting around for fashion month to begin to look for inspiration. Instead, I asked nine women working in fashion to share the fall trends they're most excited about and how they're wearing them now. Ahead learn their tips and shopping picks to get a leg up on the best of fall fashion to wear now.