The Fall Bra That's Trending at Victoria's Secret Right Now

There are fall clothing trends, and there are fall shoe trends, and then, of course, fall handbag trends. But one part of your closet that often gets overlooked as we begin each new season is your lingerie drawer. Why shouldn't the items we put on first every day be as stylish as the rest of our look? Victoria's Secret certainly agrees with the sentiment. The lingerie brand just made a line of bras and bodysuits that are perfect for fall.

With options available in the most delicate lace and crushed velvet, it's no surprise why these styles are trending on its site: They feature two of the most on-trend textures this season. Maybe this bra trend will inspire you to let a bralette strap peek out through a slouchy sweater or, who knows, maybe you'll go full-on "naked" trend with a sheer top layered over to showcase the bra. Either way, you can't deny how perfectly these bras incorporate a bit of autumn-appropriate velvet.

Keep reading to shop these luxurious velvet bras that feel perfect for fall.