This Cool Clothing Line Is Sending 5000 Girls to School

When hunting for the perfect summer dress, we might weigh price or the way something fits, but it's all too infrequent that we get to take social good into consideration. Faircloth & Supply, however, brings giving back into the mix. For each piece sold, the brand sends one girl to school for year in Nepal, with over 5000 girls helped to date. "Sex trafficking is a huge issue for young girls in Nepal and girls in school are less susceptible to trafficking," said founder Phoebe Dahl. "This number is important because it’s half the number of girls trafficked there annually."

In addition to the brand's charitable angle, the clothing happens to be pretty darn cute. Dahl's designs are comfortable and relaxed, perfect for a laid-back summer Saturday. 

Read on to shop a few of our favorite pieces from Dahl's latest collection!