12 Shopping Secrets Fashion People Swear By


Style du Monde 

Shopping has often been compared to an athletic sport—a comparison we gladly agree with. As in any sport, when it comes to the players, there are novices, people who are extremely talented, and true professionals. So what sets apart the rookies from the vets? In this case, we would have to say experience, exposure, and refined taste. In an effort to tap into the knowledgeable minds of fashion's shopping elite, Booth Moore, a well-known fashion journalist, brings together tons of her A-list contacts in the industry to create one of the most comprehensive shopping guides we've seen in a long time. No, seriously—she expertly breaks down the world's best places to shop. If the general idea of traveling the globe doesn't get you excited, reading about all the niche stores hidden all over the map will.

In her book, Where Stylists Shop: The Fashion Insider's Ultimate Guide, Moore not only informs us of the best shopping destinations around the world but also provides us with meaty quotes and advice about the best ways to shop—what to steer clear of, what to value, and how the experience should make you feel—straight from the best of the best. And when we say A-listers, we mean it; the book features words from Joseph Altuzarra, Leandra Medine, and our very own Hillary Kerr. Because let's face it—if shopping ever did turn into an actual sport, these guys would instantly be in the major leagues.

Keep reading to hear some of the best shopping advice offered in Booth Moore's new book and to shop some of the items we are loving now.