The Easy Way to Layer Your Jewelry

Sara Escudero and Diego Anciano are the journeying duo behind the fashion and travel site Collage Vintage. Conceived in Spain in 2009, Collage Vintage started as Sara’s escape from the advertising world and a place to share her love for fashion and all things vintage. This hobby quickly transitioned to a full-time profession where Sara shares her effortless and novel style in a myriad of travel destinations. You can find the pair exploring Paris, Bali, New York, and Tokyo, to name a few of their favorite spots. Diego is the eye behind the camera; together, they form a brilliant team. Below, Escudero is sharing her style insights.

Finally I can show you my new jewelry collection for Maria Pascual. From the beginning, my idea has always been to create timeless and simple pieces, those ones that you can wear every day and with any outfit, and I believe I made it.

Among the collection, you can find a round neck inspired by the 50 Japanese yen coin. When I was in Tokyo, I loved the coin so much that I kept a few to make a necklace with. At the end, I thought it was a better idea to make a modification of the original coin for my own collection. I can only say that since I got it, I can’t stop wearing it and love to match and layer it with the small gold horn necklace from the past collection.

We’ve taken thousands of pics since I got my little gems but, for now, I’m sharing ones that we took around our beautiful hotel in Ibiza. I was wearing a blue-and-white polka-dot dress paired with a pink hat and some of my jewels matched with other ones that I used to wear every day. Keep reading to see how I’m styling the jewelry staples, and then check out my whole collection.