Eva Longoria Doesn't Shop (She Raids BFF Victoria Beckham's Closet!)

A stellar BFF can be hard to come by—some of us spend years searching for that loyal other half. Finding one that you can also swap closets with on a regular basis? Well, that's just the jackpot. Fortunetly for Eva Longoria, she has both. According to InStyle, her bestie Victoria Beckham (we know, jealous) has no issue letting her friend raid her closet (jealous again). "I'm usually wearing [a] dress from her closet because I just love how they fit—but my ass is bigger than hers," Longoria told InStyle at a dinner this week, while celebrating Beckham's S/S 15 collection. "Definetly a woman's dream closet."

Unfortunetly for Beckham, the love doesn't go both ways. "Oh, please, there's nothing in my closet that she'd want to use; it's strictly a one-way street," said Longoria. Not that Beckham is hurting (her style has been on point since the Spice Girl days—for the most part anyway). However, she will nab a bag from Longoria's closet from time to time. "We've known each other for a long, long time and we share clothes and handbags," Beckham said to InStyle

You too can have a piece of Victoria Beckham's closet by shopping our favorite pieces from her latest collection below!