The Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow, According to Eva Chen

As the head of fashion partnerships for Instagram, when Eva Chen speaks, we listen. So when Q&A website Quora queried the fashion insider on all things Instagram this week, we were naturally very intrigued. See Eva's answers to the questions that piqued our interest the most below, including who her favorite bloggers and designers are to follow on Instagram and who makes the best affordable sneakers, and check out the interview in its entirety on Quora!

Quora: What are great Instagram accounts to follow before, during, and after New York Fashion Week? 
Chen: I love following people with authentic voices on Instagram… Whether it's industry insiders like GuidoPalau, JosepFontC, TheMarcJacobs, or PatMcGrathReal or street style photographers like TamuMcPherson, MrStreetpeeper, or NYAvgJoe, I love accounts that feel instant, like you're THERE at fashion week.

Quora: What are the best ways to build an Instagram following?
Chen: I have an "if you build it, they will come" attitude to Instagram. If you are creating great content, telling a story whether visually or in your captions, people will join you on your adventure. It might just start with friends and family. Then their friends. Then their friends! Focus on creating great, engaging storytelling and the rest will follow.

Quora: Who are your favorite fashion bloggers? 
Chen: Too many to name! I love following the following folks on Instagram: IreneisGood (Korean model/blogger with ACE style!), Manrepeller (she has great style, yes, but also a talented writer. Her captions always make me LOL), Margaret Zhang (she has a great eye), Zanita Whittington (she's so sunny and happy).

Quora: How did the #EvaChenPose get started? 
Chen: Basically I wanted to take a picture every day of SOMETHING and I knew that my hair would always be a bit wonky, my makeup non-existent, and my clothes sometimes questionable... but I knew that my shoes and bag would be on point, because they're my weakness! So I started taking a picture of that every day. My former assistant Kristie Dash (she's a must-follow on Instagram) started tagging them #EvaChenPose and I finally caved and started using that hashtag. It's amazing to see how many people do it now, I can't believe it!

Quora: What are your personal favorite Instagram accounts?
Chen: A few favorite non-fashion accounts: Bon Appetit never fails to make me hungry, The Dogist, Subway Book Review.

Quora: If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Chen: That is a mean question so I'm going to change it so that it's four designers: Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs, Zara (is that cheating?), and Levi's.

Quora: How do I choose a chic but cheap sneaker?
Chen: Some of my favorite sneakers are classics that aren't too much money (relatively): Adidas Superstar, Nike Cortez, Vans.

Quora: How has social media affected how fashion cycles change?
Chen: That's a question a lot of people are asking right now. I think that fashion has always been about change and evolution and right now it's just a bit accelerated. I do feel, on a personal level, I am shopping for more timeless things, like the perfect pair of jeans (just found a pair at COS that I love. Perfect amount of stretch) or black boots. And then accessorizing around that. So in a way, Instagram has made me think about the things that will be the canvas to changing highlights (like accessories). I don't even know if that answers your question but there you go.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde