Etsy Just Made a Major Announcement

Two years ago, after lots of confusion among sellers and buyers, the online marketplace Etsy revised its strict “handcrafted” policy to encompass other production methods, including the use of outside manufacturers. Shifting from “handmade” to “authorship, responsibility and transparency,” sellers are now allowed to apply for the right to work with manufacturers, provided they are clear about their process to customers.

Given the success of this transition, Etsy has announced today the launch of Etsy Manufacturing, a program that will do away with the applications and seamlessly connect sellers to approved manufacturers. As TechCrunch explained, this move will not only be a boon to the sellers, but to the marketplace itself by retaining “the site’s larger, more successful sellers” who might be tempted to “leave Etsy for greener pastures.” The program will launch in beta in late 2015 and be ready for full use in 2016.

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Learn more about the new program over at TechCrunch. What do you think about this decision on Etsy’s part? Sound off in the comments!