3 Winter Looks Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Would Let Her BFF Borrow

It feels like the moments of holiday shopping are drawing nearer and nearer: You’re starting to get those emails for early sales, and your friends are beginning to drop you hints about holiday gifts. Make shopping for gifts fun this year by picturing what Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would recommend from the Paige holiday collection if she were your best friend. (Would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?)

Whether you love denim or want a lifestyle piece, there’s a pick for you. Translate these Rosie-inspired holiday outfit starter kits into what you would give to your friends, and play Rosie Clause this holiday season.

Keep reading for gifting ideas to consider when shopping this month.

No gift from Rosie would be complete without an airport street style starter kit. Have a friend who always travels? This might be the option for her. 

Rosie’s always donning a super-cute third piece—a great gift idea for your friend who always drapes her third piece over her shoulders.

She could be in something as simple as a black-and-white ensemble, but she still kills the fashion game. You probably have a friend just like that, so gift her with this Rosie-approved look. 

Which starter kit will you be taking inspo from? Tell us in the comments below.