Erin Wasson Says You Should Wear Your Jewellery Like This

Erin Wasson epitomises what it means to be a Who What Wear girl. She’s relaxed, a little undone, knows exactly what’s up, and understands the importance of denim and accessorising. When we heard Erin was in town recently to launch her new fine jewellery collection, Wasson Fine in David Jones, naturally we jumped at the opportunity for a one-on-one with the coolest girl from Texas.

Keep scrolling to read about her views on Australian style, her own style and how to wear jewellery.


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Who What Wear Australia: What do you love about Australian style?

Erin Wasson: It’s a little bit of everything that I love. There’s this cool, relaxed vibe about it. I think fashion is definitely loved but it’s not obsessed about here—there’s a laid-back mentality to the whole way of approaching the idea of fashion in Australia.

WWW: Tell us about your style.

EW: I’m pretty choosy, I always change it. For example, when I’m in Paris, I throw on a pair of heels, but for the most part I think that’s the really cool part of getting older—just knowing who you are and how you want to dress. It becomes a little utilitarian in a way, I’m the sort of girl who likes to keep her clothing simple and then I like to accessorise with a cool shoe and jewellery. I’m all about accoutrements.

WWW: What’s your go-to outfit when you have five minutes to get out the door?

EW: My go-to is always going to be a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. You can call me James Dean. It all depends though. I do think that wearing a simple black dress with a pair of cowboy boots is always really cool.  I like wearing something a bit fancy with something a bit more low-key. At the end of the day, I always want to feel like myself and not feel like I’m playing a character.


WWW: How did Wasson Fine come about?

EW: I’ve been doing jewellery for a decade. I did Low Luv for eight years (costume jewellery) and that was a really good learning process for me. I wanted to work with precious metals and stones, and for me, I would rather have one of something really special than five of something that won’t last forever.

WWW: What are your favourite pieces in the collection and how are you styling them?

EW: I love the Chandelier Ball Earrings—they have a refined Studio 54 vibe. I also love the Moon Earrings—they’re a take on an old school piercing, and I love the gliding lock pearl necklace. I love the idea of having a pair of jeans on and a t-shirt and then having these amazing statement pieces on. That’s how you should wear jewellery. I think there’s nothing sexier than a girl in a white T-shirt wearing ridiculously expensive amounts of diamonds.

At the moment you can't shop Wasson Fine online from Australia, so head into David Jones Bourke Street Mall to shop IRL.

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