Meet the Simple White Blouse That's Having a Major Moment

The year was 2011 when Equipment introduced the Knox, a simple white blouse with an amazing (and subtly sexy) lace-up detail. Fast-forward two years and the blouse is once again just as popular (if not more) as when it first debuted. So what’s the obsession with a style that’s a couple years old? I blame Kate Bosworth, Pandora Sykes, and Leandra Medine (to name a few) for putting the Knox back on everyone’s radar.

I spotted the blouse for the first time  a couple months ago (thanks, Pandora!). A few days later, I'd convinced myself that I needed it, because I’d wear it all the time. So I got my credit card out and hopped over to Equipment thinking I’d order it real quick and be on my way. Not so much. For me, I now refer to the Knox as “the one that got away.” Because the style is from several seasons ago, it's now nowhere to be found. OK, that’s a small lie—I did find a few drifting around the Internet (see below), but not the coveted white version.

Because the lace-up blouse is having a major comeback, a small gang of Who What Wear editors (myself, included) have started a grassroots campagin, and we're basically begging the team at Equipment to bring back the style. Help us convince Equipment to reproduce the Knox by sharing this story, tagging @Equipment_FR, and using the hashtag #KnoxThatRocks. 

But first, scroll down to see everyone spotted wearing the highly in-demand top, and to shop similar styles at the end. 


Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Coach

Equipment Margaux Clean with Contrast ($288)

Are you as obsessed with the blouse as we are? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share the story by tagging @Equipment_FR, and using the hashtag #KnoxThatRocks.