This Is How People Are Really Shopping for Engagement Rings

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According to a report from WeddingWire, when it comes to the priorities of picking out an engagement ring, the quality of the stone trumps its size. But that’s not the only reason the study’s look at how men and women shop for this piece of jewelry is fascinating.

The popular website for all things wedding-related analyzed research gathered from 50,000 wedding professionals, 6000 betrothed couples, and other behavioral data to come up with the findings on engagement ring shopping habits. Below, we’ve broken them down.

>Who: The data shows that nearly 60 percent of males do their research one to six months before the proposal, and 26 percent of them start even earlier. This stat proves that planning ahead is on the buyer's mind, but what's even more interesting is that these days, a solid 31 percent of couples are shopping for rings together while 18 percent shop solo or bring along friends and family.

>What: As far as design trends go, WeddingWire notes that more and more couples are preceding the classic solitaire for a unique bauble. "Women want to stand out from the crowd with unique gemstones, two-tone, floral, oval and rose gold styles," states the report. In addition, one-third of rings are purchased as a set, with a matching band ready for the big day.

>Where: When it comes to jewelers, mass retailers like Zales and Jared's and high-end retailers are go-to choices for 40 percent of couples, but a substantial 24 percent opt to shop local, and only 9 percent choose to make an online purchase.

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